Monday, October 31, 2016

Portland Autumn and a Rainy Halloween

In North Carolina, a relative told me she thought my jack o lanterns were evil and a young 8th grade Science teacher told me that he did not care for my jack o lanterns as he walked into my gallery .  What I witnessed and experienced in North Carolina is cause for alarm. The Southern Baptist Control every Institution, Public School, Fire and Police, City and State Government. I have never experienced such petty patronizing and manipulation.  The southeast just voted in a petty and inexperienced human being and his thugs on a very ugly and mean Campaign. There are people there who don't believe we have been to the moon.  Those people voted. Were any of those people an Electoral?  I think my jack o lanterns are cool and beautiful.  No evil here.  And my witch plates are awesome.  Boo!

Here is something to ponder in our last election.  Political Warfare and Pychological Operations: Rethinking The US Approach.

THE POTENTIAL DESTRUCTIVENESS of open warfare between the superpowers has tended to shift East-West competition to the lower end of the "spectrum of conflict," toward political and psychological warfare. While the Soviets have actively waged political war against the West,
the United States has, to a large extent, shied away. The negative connotations in the West of the word propaganda suggest we have treated political war as incompatible with democratic values and traditions."

I feel so uncomfortable right now. Do you think it might be War? Or was this based on a bet? I do know that those Evangelical's found their man. Now I know how Trump campaigned, through the Pulpits, Putin, and The GOP, Evangelical Foundations, Amway...He started this campaign in 1999 when he considered first running.  There was much talk of  "The Rapture"  In North Carolina.  Perhaps this is all a Fundamental Defined Plan.  Surely Donald had nothing to do with 9-11.  Joking of course. 😎 Evangelicalism is Terrorism in it's most perverted form. Fascism, I suppose.  Zealotry and Bigotry have taken hold of our Government.  Unsolicited Christian Therapy needs to be addressed as it poisons and pollutes truth. You make a mockery out of America with your rhetoric and childish actions and who is ever responsible for this rigged election you are going to get caught.  What happened to me when I had to vote at a Baptist Church in Fayetteville*, North Carolina was pure evil and corruption and proof the system was rigged...and stating that you can walk up to someone in the streets of New york  and shoot them and still get elected is another sign of a rigged election.  Call me Liberal, Call me Coastal Elite...I'm just a Striving Artist that is witnessing something that has no parts to the equal.  It is an impossible equation therefore, a rigged election. 

*(I was asked to state my name, my address, my political party out loud, had to show my ID to three baptist women and two sweet little old ladies assisted me in pushing my ballot in the machine.  That is pure facism and corruption.  I wrote the US Justice Dept but A Southern Evangelical has been put in as Attorney General.  I also want to know why we had to meet and give our information forms at a Baptist Church when I did the US Census in Asheville, NC. )  ISIS is not the biggest threat to America but rather, Evangelical Extremism and it has now taken our government. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Moon

"New Moon"  Stained Glass Mosaic. 26.5" x 16":  by Victor Nunnally 2016

"New Moon"  Stained Glass Mosaic. 26.5" x 16":  by Victor Nunnally 2016
It is not "The Truth will set you free but rather, Embracing the Truth Will Set You Free"
"New Moon"  Stained Glass Mosaic. 26.5" x 16":  by Victor Nunnally 2016
I love this owl and the colors and shapes that surround him. I was going to put a moon in the sky but decided that I have been putting lots of moons in my pieces so, I refrained and went for a more lighted star. This piece will make any room or hall filled with character.  This one is fun to watch the changing of light from dawn to morning sun. Rich and bold. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Portland Lantern

21" Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern-wood-commission Victor Nunnally 2016

21" Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern.  A Tribute To St Johns Bridge, Portland, Oregon.  Victor Nunnally 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mount Hood

Mount Hood and The Williamette Valley. Stained Glass Mosaic 32" x 23" by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission

Mount Hood and The Williamette Valley. Stained Glass Mosaic 32" x 23" by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission

Mount Hood and The Williamette Valley. Stained Glass Mosaic 32" x 23" by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission
Thank you David and Jennifer.  Oregon is beautiful. I look forward to a new life here and seeing what I develop as an Artist. I cant wait to explore more of the state and Northwest.   I hope this interpretation of Mount Hood pleases for years to come.  A neat piece to watch the changing of light. I need to find a studio and work space soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

St John, USVI...

Solomon Bay, St John USVI
Coral Bay, St John, USVI
Coral Bay, St John, USVI
St John, USVI 2016 by Victor Nunnally

Trunk Bay, St John USVI 
That was quite an unusual Artist adventure without any art being produced.  It was great seeing so many people from the past.  Not sure what to think about the whole experience.  It was quite painful to see my old stomping ground, Maho Bay Camps torn down and seeing so many concrete monstrosities constructed aroundthe island.  Thank you Dana for the airline miles and thank you Maggie for the house sitting gig. Thank you Mike and Ben for hiring me aboard Viva La, those were some hot nights.  I hope you all have a great season!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mosaics in Ojai

Up On Meditation Mountain by Victor Nunnally 2016
Green Man Mosaics is on Display and available at The Chantico Inn located in the breathtakingly beautiful town of Ojai, CA.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Days Of Heaven A Trilogy...

46" x 22.5" Stained Glass Mosaic Days Of Heaven Part 3-A Trilogy by Victor Nunnally commission. 2016

Eileen, I will see you soon.  I have quite a journey ahead of me.
Part Three in The Days Of Heaven Trilogy, a commission.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Phoenix Rising

28 x28 stained glass mosaic "Phoenix Rising" by Victor Nunnally-sold
January 9 ,1918– U.S troops engage Yaqui Indian warriors in the Battle of Bear Valley in Arizona, a minor skirmish and one of the last battles of the American Indian Wars between the United States and American Indians.

"Spanish 'flu" becomes pandemic. Over 30 million people die in the following 6 months.

The Native American Church is formally founded in Oklahoma.

Want to do something fascinating?  Go to Wikipedia and type in any year, past, present, or future.  B.C. or A.D.  I just checked out 1918

  Go to 1561 and  check out April 14th...what do you think about that one?

Check out 2030 or other future years...fascinating!

The Philosopher’s Stone, I always saw it as metaphorical, like David slewing Goliath with the philosopher stone. Such as one individual that takes down an army of 2 billion with an undeniable answer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Koi and The Cherry Tree

28" Stained Glass Mosaic Window by Victor Nunnally 2015
Thank you Karen, it fits perfect there and the light is just right.  I bet it radiates in the morning sun.  Perfect timing with the cherry blossoms in DC.  
If you get a chance click on "A Fun Slide Show"at the top of the right column.  I made that years ago and came across it while looking at my blog's archives.  I need to make another updated one.  But this one is special and sad at the same time for me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Lionheart 18" Stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally 2016-commission-?

"Unforgiven" 18" Stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally2016-commission
The right to speak out is also the duty to speak out.
- Vladimir Poisoner
"Unforgiven" by Victor Nunnally

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lionheart,The Spider, and The Funky Chicken by Victor Nunnally

 I was asked to produce a Lions Face Mosaic.  Lions involve a lot of cutting and patience as I do it freehand.    If you look close behind the left eye you will see The Lion Of Syria. 
A Lions Face -18" Diameter Stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission
"The Great Deceiver" 14" stained glass mosaic by Victor Nunnally
The Earth is trapped in a world wide web. Check out ACLU's  article on surveillance :
What we are doing is beyond Orwellian-

Take a look sometime at the The US Debt Clock


9 x 6 " Stained Glass Mosaic Plate "Bluebird" by Victor Nunnally 2016
"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes." IT
"The Great Deceiver or IT"  14" Stained Glass Mosaic  by Victor Nunnally 2016-How do we destroy it?

Just one question:  Who is monitoring the Spider? Globalization is becoming very questionable to me.

The Funky Chicken 15" stained Glass Mosaic Plate by Victor Nunnally -2016
Do The Funky Chicken.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Winter Sunflower

24" x 12" Stained Glass Mosaic Cabinet Door "Sunflower  By Victor Nunnally

18 " Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission.
"She wasn't supposed to open it til May but she couldn't wait so I think she waited 1/2 a day.  She flipped out!  She described it as her life in glass and light.  Her friends asked about you, she found her way to your website and is so proud that her lantern is featured.  So she could not be happier.  "

Thank you Molly...I am very happy that she loves it.

I did something in google search today and the results were fascinating:
I typed the word "Beautiful" in Google Images and looked at all the results that came up.
I then typed the word "Ugly" in Google Images and looked at all the results...
Try it and see if you notice anything.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Lantern Of Natural Wonders

This is a commission lantern for a loyal customer in California.  When I was asked to create a wolf face and an eagle in flight on a lantern I have to confess, I did some head scratching but after the completion I have to say, I am very happy.  One of a kind. 
18" stained glass mosaic lantern. Commission 2016 by Victor Nunnally

18" stained glass mosaic lantern. Commission 2016 by Victor Nunnally

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Sequel Commission

29 " Stained Glass Octagon Window "Tree Of Life"  A Sequel by Victor Nunnally -2016-Commisson
 Hey Lewis, here it is, a sequel To Days Of Heaven.  I am very happy with the outcome and know it will add wonder and enchantment to your home for years to come.  This piece has power.  I love the rolling sky and movement.  This color combination works so well with the light. Thank you! Soon to come is Part Three  in The Heaven Series, a window going to San Diego.  Road Trip coming up...want to go?

"You should be very proud of your work. The piece is magnificent!"-Lewis

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Parisian Lantern and an Array of Mosaic Plates

A pair of 7" Stained Glass Mosiac Rose plates...Get them before the train comes.  Victor Nunnally 2016

Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern by Victor Nunnally 2016-Commission

Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern by Victor Nunnally 2016-Commission

Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern by Victor Nunnally 2016-Commission
I've been taking pictures and sending them to my family and friends. They all have said how beautiful it turned out!  I just live it!  I brought it home cleaned it up and put the lights in it. I will send you a photo. I can't wait to give my mom the heart too. I'm sure she is going to love it!  
Thanks again. 
So glad I can say I own a one of a kind piece done by such a gifted, talented artist and good person as yourself. "

Thank you Antonette.  I hope this reminds of your adventure.  I wonder if the Hunchback is in there somewhere:)...