Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sea Of Love

6 foot side window panel mosaic.  3 panel mosaic.  "Along A Road I Wandered Under a Full Moon" Stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally

What happens in our store at night is surreal to say the least...

Night School

6.5" x 6" Stained Glass Heart Plate.  "Two Roses In My Heart'  By Victor Nunnally 2015
I found these awesome heart shaped plates and knew they would turn into gems.  Very special with an artist touch, original and eternal.  It is all about the light. 
18" stained glass folding patio side table "Koi Pond" by Victor Nunnally 2015

34" x 24" Stained Glass Mosaic Window. "Made In America" by Victor Nunnally...Lit up with sting lights.  They do wonders to my mosaics....and a fantastic way to add a nightly charm to your decor and space. 

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