Thursday, July 16, 2015

Koi and The Cherry Tree By Victor Nunnally

28" Stained Glass Mosaic Table Top. Koi and The Cherry Tree by Victor Nunnaly 2015-Commission
 I was asked to create a round mosaic of a Koi Pond with a Cherry Tree.  This is what I came up with.  There is inspiration from The New Hanover Arboretum in Wilmington, NC.  These are my first koi.  It took a few attempts to get something I found pleasing.  I am happy with with it but let's see what my customers think...
The Koi represent a Union, The Tree represents Prosperity and the circle represents Life
Thank you Karen and Joey...It is going to hang perfectly in the window over your bath...

"I Love, Love, love,  it!
I've been home about a month now and million things to do around the house but I do enjoy looking at it every morning , afternoon and dusk. The light filters differently throughout the day. Give me a little more time and I'm going to post something on your website about, how much we love having it in our home"

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