Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doggy Diner and a Day at Golden Gate Bridge

18" Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern Doggy Diner Tribute Commission 2015
The North Beach Festival was going on so I decided to take the Journeyman to Washington Park and hang out.  Awesome day and crowds. I was asked to produce a tribute lantern to a popular West Coast diner called Doggy Diner. I asked the customer to send me a photo of the lantern lit because my camera had died. So, I will post more pics soon. The dog was somewhat of a challenge but I am happy... as was the customer.  Thanks John.  You know John, You created something that was phenomenal and about light and art.  Burning Man is something spellbinding and refreshing. 
John, I borrowed this photo off Twitter.  Thanks for the promotion.

24 x 16" stained glass mosaic window. "Serenity" by Victor Nunnally commission 2015
Thank you Robin.  I produced this piece in Golden Gate park and no one noticed.  I finished it at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I ended up antiquing the frame in a copper patina.
12" stained glass mosaic plate "Serenity II" by Victor Nunnally
I liked Robin's window so I decided to produce a complimentary plate to put in the NC gallery.I bet you think that tree is black glass but it actually a deep purple.  Place string lights behind it and watch what happens. 
Victor Nunnally being creative at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Thanks Ann for taking the photo. 
Ann and Victor
6" stained glass mosaic plate. "Blue Bird"  by Victor Nunnally 2015.  Small can sometimes ho;d a lot of weight

Putting up a new Show at Lovey's in Wilmington, NC...a delicious place to partake.  Thank you Donna, Karen, and Marie...and all the staff.

18" stained glass mosaic table top/sun catcher within a window box mosaic.

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