Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Place in Time

13" Stained Glass Mosaic Plate by Victor Nunnally 2015 "A Place IN Time"-Gift

13" Stained Glass Mosaic Plate by Victor Nunnally 2015 "A Place IN Time"-Gift

Thank you Bob...

Eastover, NC

Amazing what happens while we sleep.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Stoic Reunion

10" stained glass mosaic plate. " Time Warp To Paradise" by VIctor NUnnally -gift
 Portland, Oregon has been a  place of tribal reunion.  There was a time when I worked and resided at a primitive Eco Resort on the Island of ST John.  It was called Maho Bay Camps. 114 stick built cabins nestled on a dense forested hillside connected by wooden boardwalks and hundreds of stairs.  It was a village of pure enchantment where the employees lived and worked together.  It was somewhat of a civil experiment.  20 years I spent journeying to and fro since 1986. It was there in 2000 that I wanted to start being an artist and to find my style of expression.  It was there where I created my first mosaic. I made this plate for the Art Director who had asked me to produce the initial piece.  She is here in Portland and I am about to go see her and her husband.  This is for them.  Maho Bay was something very special to a lot of people.  Unfortunately it's 40 year lease ran out in 2013 and the Angels wept as it was closed down and the property sold.  However, I understand a conservationist purchased the 14 acres and plans to keep it intact.  We are the Maho Tribe and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of us who experienced a lifestyle that proved to be wondrous.  Thank you Stanley Selengut, the founder and creator.  I have encountered numerous tribe members on this West Coast Journey.  It is great to see so many.  I painted an Oil Painting of Maho Bay.  I wonder where it is.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


San Francisco 2015

San Francisco 2015

Amongst The Bamboo

San Francisco 2015

Journeyman #9  Stained Glass Mosaic Window fired up with String Lights 45.5 x 22 " by Victor NUnnally 2015
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Thank you Miss P for organizing a fundraiser for helping artists find affordable housing in San Francisco. Thank you JD for hosting the event.  A very nice evening and it gave me a chance to do a mini Art Show. I now have a commission for a rather interesting Lantern.  Let's see what I come up with.
Driving along the Mt. Hood National Forest
Mount Hood, Oregon
Wow, The Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood scenic route is breathtaking to say the least!  What a Gem. Thank you very much Bob!  That was a fun excursion. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Portland Creation

"Hope" by Victor Nunnally 42" x 13"  stained glass mosaic window

"Hope" by Victor Nunnally 42" x 13"  stained glass mosaic window.

Portland, Oregon is quite a change from San Francisco.  I can live here.  A green city with a casual and easy going appeal, of winding roads and fascinating characters.  There is lots to explore in this rustic and engaging city.. They say it rains a lot here but so far the weather has been pleasant.  A great place to exist as an artist. Thank you Bob for your hospitality.  This Flower piece "Hope" was inspired by something I witnessed, something very sad and dark but, there is always hope that the skies will clear and the light will devour all that muck.