Friday, March 27, 2015

San Francisco Days

"Sunrise" by Victor Nunnally 30 x 13" stained glass mosaic

I have been on a journey.  I have headed to the west coast hoping to get distribution.  Early days yet but I did receive my first commission for a lantern so it could be a sign of good things to come.  I thought it appropriate to produce Journeyman #9, the largest of the series at 45" x 22".  The hawk on the lantern was my first.  I thought he came out cool.  Prices are higher out here so getting use to it all.  Excited to see what I end up producing and where this journey leads.  Thank you JD for all your hospitality.  I am looking for a space to produce so if anybody happens to read this and knows of a neat spot please let me know.
Victor it’s here and it’s GORGEOUS - really and truly, above and beyond, stunningly gorgeous.  My husband, Hawk, loves it.  We love it so much we may ask you to make more.  We’re moving to a new house in Ojai and we’re in the midst of redoing things.  At this point, please just know how grateful I am and happy that there are artists like you in the world.  
18" stained glass lantern-commission 2015 by Victor Nunnally

"Journeyman #9" 45.5 x 22" stained glass mosaic window by Victor Nunnally 2015

Golden Gate Bridge in Black and white by Victor Nunnally 2015
I love San Francisco.  What a fantastic city.  Refreshing!

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