Friday, October 10, 2014

An Autumn Carriage Ride

Autumn Carriage Ride 36" x 27.5" stained glass mosaic window by Victor Nunnally 2014

 Autumn Carriage Ride is a tribute to downtown Wilmington, NC.  I can still hear the clacking of the horses hoofs go by my old residence.  I was going to put historic homes in the background but decided against it.  I had an art show recently and a admirer commented that it possessed a Edgar Allen Poe feel about it,  Perhaps, but not my intention. 
 There is going to be a very close approach to Mars by Comet Siding Spring on October 19th.
18" stained glass mosaic patio side table by Victor Nunnally 2014

18" stained glass patio side table by Victor Nunnally

On the Mantle I saw and felt a story being told...

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