Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter 2014 Creations

18" Stained Glass Mosaic Lantern by Victor Nunnally 2014

15" stained glass mosaic plate by Victor Nunnally. "Gypsy Sea" 2014

18 "Stained Glass Mosaic Patio Side Table by Victor Nunnally 2014

15" Stained Glass Mosaic Plate "The White Owl" by Victor Nunnally 2014

A Private Collection

A Snowy Owl by Victor Nunnally 2014

Cowboy Tables-Commission 2014 by Victor Nunnally

A February Ice Storm in Wilmington, NC

I sure do have cabin fever.  The winter of 2014 has been long but here in Coastal North Carolina it has been mild compared to the massive storms in the midwest and Northeast.  This ice storm was enchanting and poofed away in a night.  Now, daffodils are blooming which means Spring Mosaics are in order.

The People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation sign the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation on July 16, 2001.

"One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived"
Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)

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