Friday, July 26, 2013

 I was on a hike and stumbled upon this owl.  He told me his name was Jenkins and he said to me: "Do you realize that it is all an illusion."  I asked him if he would like to sit in my window at home and watch out for rodents.  He hopped on my arm and I carried him home.
Jenkins 16" diameter stained glass mosaic plate-sold.

Garden Pinwheels 28" x28" stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally 2013-sold

I am not sure how I feel about Garden Pinwheels.  I wanted to try something different but this design makes me dizzy...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Tables

I started producing new patio side tables.  Functional art does very well.  These 18" tables fold and lock so they are great to take camping or to the beach and give a little decadence to your adventure.  I took mosaics camping once and lit them all up in the evening.  Awesome!  You can find the images somewhere on this blog perhaps in 2009. Be sure to check out my older posts.  So many mosaics have been produced and found homes.  I have new ideas brewing so hopefully soon, a more diverse portfolio of designs will be displayed.