Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Tribute To Monet by Victor Nunnally

30 x 24 oil on canvas "The Lady With A Parasol"; A Tribute to Claude Monet by Victor Nunnally 2013

I have been wanting to produce an interpretation of Monet's " Lady With A Parasol" for some time and finally got a chance. At first I wanted to paint a face on the woman as Monet but I saw this image of a woman walking toward her lover.  I think it came out with a potency of fluid movement.  Thanks Monet. 


Anonymous said...

So this is the piece you were telling me about earlier. Very beautiful work my friend. I love the colours in the sky and the movement of the womans dress and the tall grass is very fluid and pleasing to the eye. One day I hope to be able to paint as wonderfully as this.


Victor Nunnally said...

Thanks Joe...I hope your trip to Richmond went well and that you find comfort and happiness. Pick up a canvas, grab a brush and paint away. Then, do it again...all the best!