Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wiseman, Love and Dragons by Victor Nunnally


Wisemen #2  30" x 19"

Wiseman #2

Wisemen #2  30" x 20"

Love 12" diameter

Dragonfly Plate Series 8" x 5" 1 of 3

There have been several productions in the last two weeks.  I wanted to create another Wisemen window after the popularity of the last one.  When my brother in law, Alex was in Israel a few months ago I asked him if he would pick some rocks from the ground and bring them to me.  I have placed three of the rocks in this piece.  The bottom is lined with flower jade stones.  The star is a crystal that catches the penetrating sunlight with vigor.  I created a more diverse sky than the last one which was a more deep blue.  Also, in the sky are 12 blue gems signifying the disciples or the constellations.  I am very happy with the outcome.  The camels and wisemen are shaped with small cuts of black glass.  The Rose plate was a requested piece.  I sent a photo to the customer per request but never got feedback so I am not sure if he liked it...but I was am happy with my first attempt of a rose.  I wish I had a deeper red for the center.  The Dragonfly plates are always popular and come out with much movement and color.  Two more projects need to get done by Saturday; An 18"  Peacock table and and 18" sea turtle table, another first for me.  I used to swim over green backs and hawksbill turtles in the Virgin Islands and see them resting during night snorkels.  Such graceful creatures.  I am keeping my fingers crossed on recent applications for huge art commissions in San Francisco.  I want to do a large scale wall for the public.  Imagine how awesome a 15 foot stained glass mural would be lit up at an airport or public transport.  Perseverance and strife have been key virtues in my artistic endeavors.  The last five years have been filled with many challenges.

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