Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Nest and Cards

39" x 19" Stained Glass Mosaic "At The Casino" 2012-commission.  "Jim, it's one of my favorites."

39" x 24" Stained Glass Mosaic Window "The Nest" 2012-sold.  Thank you Terry and John.  I hope it brings much joy to your world.

Cowboy Jim keeps me producing his Wild West windows.  " At The Casino" is one of my favorite pieces I have created for him.  One day, I will have to invest in producing a more detailed face card.

"The Nest" was a vision I had for a floral scene, a very popular series of mosaics paying tribute  the flower garden. I call it The Nest because within  this world of colorful  movement lies a nest of eggs, not glass, but a metal pendant.  Perhaps the nest of a hummingbird. 


Anonymous said...

I saw this piece today at the store in downtown Fayetteville. Absolutely the most beautiful stained glass art work I have seen.
It just brings happiness.

Nunnally Mosaics said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your compliment. I am very pleased with the outcome with this piece. Keep coming back to The Promise as new pieces arrive unexpectedly. I have a couple of large windows that will be put into production in the coming weeks. I have two exhibits coming up in Wilmington, NC at the end of September and first week of October. Very excited.