Monday, July 23, 2012

Prospects and insights...

30" x 30" Summer of Love

12" Diameter Dragonfly Plate Series

80" x 12" Night Stained Glass Mosaic Panel.

39" x 19" Native American Tribes 

Atlanta from The Marriott Marquis.

My sister and I went to Atlanta Mart to check out merchandise.  3 huge buildings filled with wholesalers.  I came upon one spot that is going to spice up my art.  It was great seeing a dear friend, Monica.  Once upon a time on a Caribbean island Monica and I used to do a water routine called butt bumping, consisting of flipping over each other underwater leading to a bumping of our butts.  We would crack up out in  the crystal blue waters trying to come up with new routines.  We considered turning it into an Olympic Sport.  How I miss those frolicking days of Maho Bay on St John, US Virgin Islands.  I miss so many people that came through the eco resort.  It has one more year left on it's lease then who knows what will become of the exquisite landscape surrounded by a National Park.  The Trust for Public Lands was attempting to make the purchase.  I spent 20 years of my life going back and forth so it is quite sorrowful if this simple tree house community disappears. 

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