Saturday, October 15, 2011

Commission Week

These two windows were requests.  The Cowboy Chico Cherry has been keeping me busy throughout 2011 with his old west themed windows.  Those 9 pane windows are quite the task.  I messed up on The Wild Bunch, making it too dark green causing it to get lost and is very muted.  He says it is okay but I feel like I want to kick the pane out and have a new piece of glass inserted and molded and do a much better and more vivid Wild Bunch.  The 6 pane Saloon window came out pleasing.  I will deliver it to him on Monday.

  A  customer requested three hummingbirds but I asked if two would be okay as the space would have been too crowded with movement.  I like this window a lot.   I did a brown tile border with green jeweled corners and filled in tones of blue, greens, yellows, golds, browns...the white flowers came out cool.  The patterns in some of the glass created extra movement and flow.

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