Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is this?

No telling what that cat finds.  Simon has kept me company during this transition.  Cats have always found me.  They appear out of nowhere sometimes and hang out with me.  This one cat used to climb through a screen next to my bed when I Lived in the Caribbean and sleep with me then exit in the morning.  Then there was this one cat that would wake me up in the morning chewing on my head.  Then there was this scary cat that chased me and a friend all over a sailboat on open water.  That cat was evil!  I used to take a cat to the beach and it would ride up on my shoulder in the car.  Then, at the beach it would run around the sand and start panting like a dog.  I love cats.  I hope you are alive Smokey.  A kitten I once pulled out of burning debris in a neighbors yard as they stood there and listened to the meows.  A feeling of digust like no other came over me as I reached in and pulled this kitten out of the flames.  It's tail had burned off along with most of its ears but through renourishment and a mother cat who just had a litter in our basement,  took the poor creature in and nursed it.  I had to give it water enemas for a month to help its bowel movements. I named him Smokey.   However, I was only visiting for a month at my Parents house.  They kept Smokey and I returned to my work.  Then I went home six months later and saw Smokey.  He was so fuzzy and black with no tail or ears and cried out like a bear cub.  I swore he was a little bear.  I was so happy to see him. 
Then months later I was talking to my mother on the phone.  She told me that she needed to give Smokey to the Animal Shelter because all her other cats were beating him up and he was not able to fend for himself as his claws were destroyed in the fire.
That may have been the saddest conversation I have ever had.  Why on Earth would she not have told me as I would have taken Smokey?  That poor creature ended up in an Animal Shelter in a rural county where cats are poisoned and shot. I did contact the Animal Center and a woman on the phone said a cat that fit that description was adopted but for some reason I did not believe her. ( My mother was the one who came in frantic telling me that she heard kittens in the neighbors fire.) 

What a strange and sad story.  It still pains me to think about it.

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