Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Light Effect

It looks like it might rain today...but I am going to set up anyway at 169 Montford Ave in an awesome historic district, a place I once resided, by being an artist...a neighborhood with a lot of charm and character, ...wonderful to experience the changing of the seasons...If it does rain, at least I know my artworks are safe as they are made of glass and stone that are sealed...It is my goal to create a moment with the viewer, to captivate and enlighten the onlooker whom I want to show all the possibilities of existence...In my mosaics there is a sixth sense of language...and the key to understanding it is by the tool of light...A powerful form of expression...and a parable to the human condition...for each of us has an inner light that, when shines can be very powerful, especially if it brings much peace to the world.

Breathing fire into plate mosaics...

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