Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowboys Place

A Gentleman has asked me to produce several cowboy plates for him. This is the first: "Cowboys Place."
The next four will be the names of cowboys such as Hopalong Cassidy...

Snow is falling once again here in Western North Carolina in this "Winter of Our Discontent", one of my favorite novels by John Steinbeck.  I always thought you can identify a person by asking.... Hemingway?...or Steinbeck?  It is amazing in knowing a type in those who favor one over the other...neither one an oddity, but it surely defines a person.  I have to say I am a Steinbeck kind of guy.  I relate to his prose, stories, situations, reactions...and actions over Hemingway's.  It has been a while since I have read a novel or any book.  I wonder why? 

I am doing a free style mosaic on this winter day. Not sure of the outcome but, the spontaneous colors and design are pulling their weight.  Oh yeah, that is Dora Lee...a mischievous beagle.

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