Thursday, October 2, 2008

Customer feedback.

It's beautiful!!!! My husband and I purchased a piece of your work (5 1/2 ft-long of Blue Ridge Mountains) in Black Mountain, NC, end of August. We absolutely love it, especiallly since our hearts have always been in those mountains or the Shennadoah Valley (we are originally from Richmond, VA). Could you give us some background on that piece of art, i.e. do jewels and geods (sp?) have any particular significance, what exactly inspired you to do that particular piece, etc. To me, the jewels and glass below the "blue ridge" of glass give off the colors of the trees and the beauty of the Valley; and, you might like to know, when we look in the "mirror" pieces, we see ourselves in the midst of where our hearts have always been--we would love to have settled in the Valley or mountains, but there were no jobs for chemists there; if there had been, the mountains and Valley would NOT be what they are today! Keep on doing what you're doing--you are a true artist! Warmly,

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