Sunday, August 10, 2008

God's Iris

This is part of the God's Iris series

. When lit up at night this table top is exquisite. I took this at the Pritchard Park Arts Show. It was not too good of an experience as one woman threw up behind a tree where I was sitting and a Band was playing some repetitious percussion while it's members chanted.


Mary said...

I must ask....what made the woman throw up? And did her regurgitations escape your mosaic?

And I must are funny. Was the band as good as that steel pan band that used to play at Maho waaaaay too regularly?

Victor Nunnally Mosaics said...

I have no idea why she puke green bile out like Linda Blair...she hit the tree behind a photo display as I watched from my seat 5 feet away. I have no comment on the Band.